Discover Arbonne

As a brand new Arbonne Consultant, you will book two live "Business Launch" dates and one virtual launch date within your first ten days with your Sponsor. Your Sponsor (or your Area Manager) will present our core presentation "Discover Arbonne" for you at these three launch dates. This is your training on the core presentation. You will also want to watch Donna Johnson's live Discover Arbonne Presentation and watch Iain Pritchard's virtual Discover Arbonne Presentation as you prepare to present your own.

The company provides the PowerPoint presentation with alternate slides for each consultant to customize. You will log into Arbonne and visit The Source, search for Discover Arbonne Presentation for the latest most up-to-date version, download the PowerPoint, customize and save to your laptop or iPad as a PDF to use at your presentations.

Click here to watch Donna Johnson's Core Presentation

If using a Slide Show Presentation from your Laptop - Click here for the Slide Show of our "Discover Arbonne" Presentation

If using a Flip Chart - Click here and print the "Discover Arbonne" Presentation

Product Check List:

  • Arbonne Special Value Packs:
    • Genius Ultra
    • RE9 Advanced Anti-Aging ASVP
    • Arbonne Nutrition ASVP
  • Vanilla Protein Shake Mix (individual pack)
  • Chocolate Protein Shake Mix (individual pack)
  • Fruit Protein Bar (cut into small bite size pieces)
  • Chocolate Protein Bar (cut into small bite size pieces)

Supply Check List:

  • White Table Cloth
  • Arbonne Runner
  • Protein Shaker Cup
  • Bottled Waters (for mixing protein shakes)
  • Disposable Shot Glasses (for sampling protein shake)
  • Mini Cup Cake Papers (for sampling bite size pieces of bars)
  • Plastic Serving Trays
  • Basket

Click on image below for the PDF of the "Discover Arbonne" presentation slide show and save to your desktop on your laptop:

Zoom Video Presentation

With Arbonne, we have a global business!! With Zoom you can schedule a virtual presentation from your laptop!!

  1. Create a free account on www.Zoom.Us
  2. Follow prompts to schedule your online meeting.
  3. Convert your PowerPoint Presentation to a PDF (see example below) and save to your desktop.
  4. Set up the event in your Arbonne account (attend New Consultant Orientation again if you do not remember how to do this).
  5. Email, call, text, or Facebook message clients the Zoom link and what time to join.
  6. Also, send them instructions on how to place an order and add it to your group presentation.
  7. Once you start your Zoom video chat - share your desktop screen and go through your PDF "Discover Arbonne" presentation just as you would if live in the host's home.