Coffee Appointments

So, they said yes when you asked:

"Hi _____, I know this is out of the blue but I am hoping you can help me. I am expanding my Arbonne business because I _____. I thought of you because you mentioned you would like to _____ and you _____. I would love to meet you for coffee to share more with you about what I am doing. It may not be something you are interested in at all and that is totally OK, but I know you will know one great person for whom this is a fit. If I sent you some open dates and times would you be open to meeting with me and taking a peek?"


"Hi _____, How are you? I'm reaching out because I've just started my own business with Arbonne!! It's a vegan health and wellness company. I've used the products and love them and have decided to build a business. I'm a little nervous but excited too! The reason I'm texting is because as part of my training I need to find 10 people who are willing to hear a 20 minute overview of Arbonne. I get that it might not be a fit for you personally, but I just need a set of ears, haha. Absolutely no obligation! Would you be willing to be one of my 10? If so, I'd love to buy you a cup of coffee, and I'll bring you some samples as a thank you!"

Conducting the Appointment

Prior to your Coffee Appointment - review all of the info below:

Click here to watch Ashley Stone's One-on-One Business Opportunity appointment

Click here and print the "Is Arbonne for You" sheet (maybe even laminate it)

Click here to listen to Ashley Stone's tips how to close out the coffee appointment with a future appointment on the calendar!!

Click here for tips from Mo Boeger on "Lean In, Lean Out - The Power of Persistence"

Coffee Appointment Pocket Folder

At my one-on-one business opportunity appointments - I take an Arbonne pocket folder with the following documents in it just to have on hand whatever I might need:

Left Pocket (front to back):

Host Planner (order from Business Aids)

Catalogue (order from Business Aids)

Guest Profile

Toxins to Avoid

Healthy Living Cheat Sheet

Preferred Client Benefits (from The Source)

Arbonne Host Rewards

Right Pocket (front to back):

Opportunity Brochure (order from Business Aids)

What You Get

Arbonne Special Value Packs Flyer (from The Source)

Free Gift List (from The Source)

Independent Consultant Benefits (from The Source)

- OR -

Coffee Appointment Presentation Binder

You may prefer to use a Presentation Binder (click here) with the following in it to show instead of putting together a folder each time:


Close Sheet

Start Your Own Business

Free Gift List (from The Source)

Preferred Client Benefits (from The Source)

Arbonne Special Value Packs Flyer (from The Source)

Host Rewards Flyer (from The Source)

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