Gold Bag Drop Off

A demo set is a set of full-sized products that we "drop off" for people to try in their own homes. We typically use RE9 Advanced plus Genius and leave it with someone for a couple of days to try in their own home. When we drop it off, we book an appointment to pick it up, follow up and get their feedback. Important Note: do not leave the demo without an appointment to follow up! Make sure to communicate that this is your tester set and you'd love for them to use if for 2-3 days and then you have someone else lined up to try it. Show them the Instructions and give your personal testimony about the products. Click on links below for the instructions to print and include inside the bag and the PDF slide show to use at the follow-up appointment.

Click here for Gold Bag Instructions Insert (Print Front & Back)

Arbonne Special Value Packs (from The Source, printed front & back on plain paper, folded in half)