Group Presentations

As an Arbonne Consultant we offer our clients free gifts and great discounts to host a "Discover Arbonne" group presentation where they invite 3 to 6 guests around their kitchen table and the Consultant shows a brief slide show, explains our ingredients policy, and allows guests to sample shots of the protein shakes as well as touch and feel our skincare products on the back of their hand. The host is encouraged to keep refreshments very simple and in line with Arbonne's focus on health and wellness (example: veggie tray with hummus dip and bottled waters). The slide show takes approximately 20 minutes and the Consultant is usually there about an hour total (including set up before presentation and time to accept orders and bookings at the end of the presentation). Some Consultant's also bring an additional gift and play "The Left Right Game".

We encourage new Consultants and District Managers to focus on learning the "Discover Arbonne" presentation and building their team before spending the time to learn the additional, optional presentations. Usually Area Managers and above will offer these additional optional presentations such as the "Healthy Living" presentation for their team and their guests once per month. You may also choose to offer "The Ultimate Facial Spa Night" or "Brunch & Learn Makeup Party". See tabs under "Presentations" above for more information.

Consultants are also encouraged to attend and bring guests to our team "Discover Arbonne" which is usually held one Monday night each month at 7:30pm. We also have a "Discover Arbonne" at the Atlanta Classic Cars Mercedes Dealership once per quarter on a Saturday morning. See our Team Calendar (in drop down menu under Contact) for exact dates and locations.

Click here for all details for the "Discover Arbonne" presentation


As an Arbonne Consultant the key to a successful business is having a full calendar. Click on links below for tips on booking your calendar.

Click here to watch Ashley Stone's video "Booking Up Your Calendar"

Click here to listen to Mary Wright's Training Call
"Revolving 10 and Keeping Momentum"








Host Coaching

Once you have added a group presentation to your calendar - you will also want to write yourself a reminder for the dates you want to follow up with her and coach her to have the most success including:

  • Send her a hand written thank you note immediately upon booking
  • Deliver a Host Packet (Catalogue, order forms)
  • Provide invite assistance
  • If event is booked more than a week out then be sure to connect again a few days before the event
  • Reach out again the day of the event and remind her to follow up with a reminder to each guest that said yes to coming

Click here to listen to Host Coaching by ENVP Val Edwards

Click here to listen to Host Coaching by ERVP Kim Ford

Click here to listen to Host Coaching by ERVP Danah Baker

Flip Chart

If you prefer not to take your Laptop - you also have the option of printing each of the presentations and putting into a flip chart instead. I simply use an Arc Notebook turned sideways as pictured below. Click here for more information about custom Arc Notebooks.

On Clip Board

At the beginning of the presentation - I hand each guest a clip board with the following:

Guest Profile

Toxins to Avoid

Healthy Living Cheat Sheet

Preferred Client Benefits (from The Source)

Order Form

At the end of each presentation - I meet with each guest individually and have these on hand:


Host Rewards Flyer

Opportunity Brochure (order under Business Aids)

Arbonne Special Value Packs (from The Source)

New Preferred Client FREE Gift List to choose from (from The Source)

Note: after guests complete the Guest Profiles - click here to print on the back before adding to your follow-up notebook


At your group presentations you will want to close with three goals in mind:

  1. 1 New Business Builder (w/$250+)
  2. 2 Bookings for group presentations
  3. 3 New Preferred Clients (w/$150+)










3 Ways to Win Close Sheet (from The Source)

Click here to listen to Mary Wright talk about "Overcoming Objections"

Click here to listen to Laura Fortner's Call "Close Your Group Presentations Strong"

Click here to listen to ERVP Kim Ford on "Closing Your Presentation"

Outside Orders

If your Host has guests that can not attend the group presentation but would like to place an order - click here for the instructions sheet for you to send to the Host for him/her to forward to non-attending guests list.


You are at a group presentation and one of the guests express interest in our business opportunity - immediately you say "Yes, I would love to share some information with you about this business opportunity! If I text you a recorded phone call - would you take a few minutes to listen sometime this evening and then meet me for coffee for a quick chat? I could meet tomorrow or _________. Which day would work best for you? and would morning or evening be better?"

The recorded phone call to send her via text is: Wendy R Cunningham's Call: "30 minute Discover Arbonne"