Video Appointments

So, he or she said yes when you asked:

"Hi _____, I hope this finds you extremely well. So, I was wondering if you would just take a look at my business. So much has changed - everything is virtual now (ie no requirement of in-person parties etc). May or may not be for you, but it's an incredible opportunity you can build right along your current income entirely from your laptop or smart phone. It's super easy to just take a peek at what's going on - we would just schedule a date & time to video chat, I'll send you the link for you to click on from your laptop to join me and give me about 15 minutes to show you the information. Is there a time this afternoon that would work for you or would some time tomorrow be better?"



Note: if you sent the above message or text and they never responded you could follow up with:
Hey "______"! Just wanted to follow up! Totally understand if you're not interested - no worries at all! Perhaps you already know (I had no clue) the difference between earned income and asset income. Asset income only happens with legacy companies (which there are few of) and I'd love it if you would just take a look! But either way - wishing you every happiness, my friend!

Conducting the Appointment

Prior to your Zoom Video Conference - review all of the info below:

Click here to watch Ashley Stone's One-on-One Business Opportunity appointment

Click here for the updated "Is Arbonne for You" sheet and click here for Kat's script

Click here to listen to Ashley Stone's tips how to close out the coffee appointment with a future appointment on the calendar!!

Documents for Appointment

Have these documents downloaded to your desktop so that you may reference them by sharing your screen during the video chat:

"Is Arbonne for You" sheet

Preferred Client Benefits (from The Source)

Arbonne Special Value Packs Flyer (from The Source)

Free Gift List (from The Source)

Independent Consultant Benefits (from The Source)