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We have some amazing women on our team and we are looking to add (men and women) to our team so please contact us today for more information. Pictured here back row left to right: Gloria Dodd, Nanci King, Whitney Moore, Jessica Howard, Shellyann Phillip, Kat Pfender, Laurie Filsinger, Michelle Reynolds, Shannon Cousineau, Danielle DeLong. Middle: Brandi Lash. Seated front row left to right: Elaine Carpenter, Karen Wakefield, Alexis Moon, Linnette Williamson, and Sharron Green.

Leah Brown, Regional Vice President

I imagined what it would be like to reach Regional Vice President, and it is better than I dreamed. The friendships are incredible. The personal growth is worth any “no’s” I encountered. Imagine a company that surrounds you with nurturing people to help you become the leader you always wanted to be.

My Arbonne journey began when my niece, Jennifer Christman, sent me a sample. Week after week, she called to ask if I had tried it. Week after week, I said no. How much I appreciate that she didn’t give up! I finally tried that sample and loved the results. I remember waking up, rolling over, and saying to my husband, “You have got to feel my face.” My love for Arbonne was just beginning.

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Kat Pfender, Area Manager

I have worked as a Media Makeup Artist for more than 24 years and absolutely love what I do.

But, after I turned 50 I began thinking abouot the long hours I was spending on set, and my lack of financial security or any retirement plans for the future. I started wondering how I could create another stream of income. At the same time I was working on my certification as a Personal Trainer and I was looking for a protein shake that was not whey and not soy.

Then I found Arbonne! It's a network marketing company which is something that I never, ever thought I would do but I loved the nutrition products, they were exactly what I'd been looking for, so I signed up, initially just for the discount but open to learning. Then Leah shared a vision that allowed me to see what this company had to offer and how the residual income could fit my need for a retirement plan.

It's not just the money, which is good, it's the personal growth and the relationships I've built along the way. Arbonne has given me so much focus, drive, and a clear vision for the life I want for my family, including time freedom, as well as the financial rewards.  I am so excited about the future.

Cindy Boyd, District Manager

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Laurie Filsinger, In Quals

I have enjoyed rewarding careers with the military, fire & police and then nearly 20 year career as the co-owner of a successful pet sitting and dog walking service.

But I was looking for a new direction. I had no idea what it would be until a synchronistic meeting with Kat Pfender. I had booked a make up lesson and tried the RE9 Anti-aging skincare that day and had immediate results! I also sampled the Chocolate Protein Shake and couldn't believe how much I loved it. I had been looking for products exactly like these!! She explained the business opportunity to me and I could see my exciting future right away. I have big dreams and I knew Arbonne was the path to possibility! I said yes to building a business on the spot and haven't looked back.

It's not just the money. I feel incredibly blessed to have the ability to make a profound difference in people's lives...simply by sharing the business opportunity & products of a company whose vision and values perfectly align with my own! I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit so 9-5 just doesn't work for me. My husband travels frequently for work. Now I am able to join him because I can run my business from my phone...no matter where I am!!! I love my freedom and also my ability to leverage my time. It's so much smarter than just trading time for money. I'm super excited for the adventures & abundance this business will attract into my life and to the lives of those I know!

Alexis Flynt, In Quals

I use to be a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), working night shift three to four nights per week in a nursing home and I absolutely loved caring for my elderly patients. I was also a student in the Esthetician Program at Lanier Tech and loved the education I was recieving on skincare.

But the long hours took me away from my son and my work shift always included me working weekends so my son and I were unable to attend church. I began praying for an opportunity that would allow me to customize my schedule allowing me to take my son to church on Sundays and boom - I lost my job. At that time I was the sole provider for my Dad, my Son, and myself and had very little in savings.

Then I found Arbonne! Kat came to our Esthetics class at Lanier Technical College as an Industry Professional Guest Speaker and talked about her career as a Freelance Makeup Artist. During that talk, she mentioned the product line she used in her pro makeup kit is Arbonne and talked about the ingredients policy being pure, safe, and beneficial. I wanted to know more!! I scheduled an appointment to try the products. At that appointment she also explained the business model and what network marketing is and I just knew that Arbonne was the answer for my family.

It's not just the money, which is good, it's the personal growth I have experienced, it's the ability to work this business from my laptop, schedule the appointments around my family activities, and build a residual income. I am so excited as I plan for an amazing future!!

Caitlyn Boyd, In Quals

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Kimberly Crocker, In Quals

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